Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Religion Is Actually 'Matter'

     Regardless what religion you belong to today, you have the right to be respected. It is because, respect as a matter of fact is very universal. It does not emphasize any religion on Earth. Each day, religion became a subject to trigger disunity, hatred, cruelty and many more bad things among people. We do know that all religion never teach this things to their adherents, but, how can this still happen?

  Before we come up with our own speculation related to religion, we firstly have to know that there is no religion that teaches their adherents to victimize each other, unless their religion was violated. Apart from that, never underestimate anyone, because who ever they are, they are just like us and what make us different is our faith. We are only human, who need respect and honor. Look through your heart and see what the world has come to. 

Ravello by Night

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The world is 'Not Only For Muslim'

They live on Earth with a sense of guilt. Every single minute, they keep asking for forgiveness. They were hoping to be back to where they stayed before, because life on this Earth, indeed, is worse than they can imagined. Adam and Eve have to stay, even though it is not what they actually wanted.

     Allah S.W.T. created Adam and Eve in a very perfect way, until every creatures He had made were ordered to vow to them. Allah S.W.T allowed them to live in Heaven and do everything they wanted but then, only one single mistake they have made, Allah S.W.T. sent them on Earth. 

Allah S.W.T. is The One who created Adam and Eve and Allah S.W.T. is The One who created us. 

     This world is about finding The One who had created us and then we have to come back to Him. Our history started from Heaven, then, Heaven is where we suppose to return. All religions we have now are only the way to live in order to reach to Allah S.W.T.. We have to respect every single creatures on Earth as we are all looking for The One, the true One that will never be two. The One that had created the beginning and the ending of it all. 

Turn to Allah S.W.T before you turn to dust

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Perhaps not 'This One'

Congratulation for Najwa Najat
First bronze medal for UMK
(Second from left, mascot is not included)
Too many things that we want in our life. In other words, anything that we have in this world, will never be enough. Sometimes, through the public's view, our lives are already pretty fancy, but in fact, that luxury is still not enough. Therefore, we should know by now, we can not have everything. 

     'Recently, I took part in a sport competition which is called SUKIPT. Almost all universities and colleges have joined in. I have a high hopes of bringing home bronze medal at most, but there is no doubt, I failed to reach into semi-final. But even so, this failure does not discredit me at all. I have realized something, something more important than a bronze medal. The one that have completed my life, the one that always be there all the time for me, the one that I should really be thankful to Allah, the one that called family. Since then, I feel my life is changing. Therefore, that is my real happiness.' by somebody. 

Taekwondo team of UMK

Monday, November 11, 2013

When we have 'Forgotten'

     Indeed, one of the human nature is that they tend to forgot. They forgot who are always be there for them, who had contributed to their success today, who had helped them until they can enjoy a heaven life. They forgot that someday, they might lose the one, before knowing what sacrifices they have done to us

     While looking at their face that full of happiness through the picture, a smile suddenly appear together with the tears. Wondering, If only I could be there to witness the meaningful moment with them. If only they remember me in every joy and pain. But now, it already happened. Even though it will happen again, it will never be the same. In the end, people will always forget.
Shahril's wedding on November 4th, 2013
      There is the one who is always watching over us no matter where we are, what we do and either we still alive or dead. The one that always hearing us in every tears and happiness. The one that never ignore us even though we ignore what HE ask us to do. The one that we call The Almighty, Allah S.W.T.. 

searched by Mohamed Jamal Elaissaoui. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When HE says today, there will be 'No Delay'

When the time has come, when the soul separated from the body, no one has been able to live again to tell what will happen after death. It will be a mistery that will never be revealed by anyone.

     This world is only temporary. Human beings are free to do whatever they like. They ruled the world, they discovered every single thing on Earth without limit. They expand their areas to find happiness and yet there is no real happiness to be felt in here. Despite of having millions of money, be able to feed all the poor, build a big house, became the richest man in the world, still not enough to guarantee the happiness. So, where true happiness can be felt? All will be answered soon after death; whether you will find true happiness or not.

     In fact there is a life after death. To determine either we will be happy or not in our next life is through three things. These three things will we bring to death, that are; knowledge that is practised, the charity for people and prayers of good kids. To achieve these three things, we have to be ready from now.

     Remember, remember, when we are in trouble today, the life to come, we will be delighted. When we cry today, the next life we will laugh. When we failed today, later we will always be successful. The world is just a stopover for testing whether we are entitled to happiness or not. And of course, it is never as easy as speaking.

     Death will not be known until the time has come. Although we are a very smart person fortune-telling, able to see the future but death remains a secret. Though one is going to kill himself, if HE did not give permission and the time has not yet arrived, the person will not die. But, if HE wants you to die today, at this hour, this minute, and at this point, will not be delayed even a moment.

     So, gaze-meditate on what you do today either to yourself or the others. Always remember that the next life is eternal. If you hurt people today, forever you will be hurt in your next life.

Nisan, the tomb stone

Monday, July 23, 2012

Which one is 'More Valuable'

Forty Rabbana-33 Al-Furqan 74
33. Al-Furqan  : 74

Rabbanaa hablanaa min azwaa jinaa wa dzurriyyaatinaa qurrata a'yuniw-waj 'alnaa lil-muttaqiina imaamaa.

"O our Lord! Grant us in our mates and offspring and the coolness of eyes and make us a leader of those who guard themselves against evil"  

           Mind in the days ahead, the desire to feel loved and to love is more alive. The desire to take care of a person and being taken care of someone. The desire to find someone to be called love that will be a good listener and a loyal adviser. The desire to get someone who can finally touch you and stay with you forever. 

          I have a friend once told me that he holds a phrase sounds 'Live today like there is no tomorrow', derived from Buddhist philosophy. Unfortunately, he defines the phrase more to sex; Having sex without a legal relationship through marriage. They prefer to lose virginity to the person who has not definitely be theirs. So, what will you leave to your spouse after marriage later? When everything is owned and viewed by those temporary. 

     Yes. It can not be denied marriage today is requiring a lot of money. However, all religions promote moderation in marriage, but to ban waste. Indeed, it is hard to resist the desire. Something very valuable will be very difficult to be preserved until the time, but once it gone forever it will gone. There is no loss, you lose it in the perfect way. 
     Today, people question the problem of divorce. Indeed it often happens and it seems to be a tradition for those who are married. Maybe they are destined to find another way, or maybe they never tried to be more considerate among each other. You really need to choose, does not mean you have no choice at all. Hence, don't ever be a slave to lust.

Muslim Marriages

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Your 'Actions' is louder than words

     Day after day. various events occur unnoticed and many bad things cover the good. Until our vision is blurred, assuming that HARAM is HALAL and HALAL is HARAM, but the real question is; who is responsible to correct this view? Unfortunately, no one. Because all people have drowned in the excitement of the world.

     Muslims today are busy blaming the Jewish about their fate, however, the Jewish are busy thinking of ways to deceive the Muslims. Why we keep blaming the religion even though we already know the problem is actually rely to human themselves. Deep down, you do know about it yet you are too afraid to stand for the right. That is called human. Animals much more better than thy.  

    We do not know what happen at that side, we do not know why they are doing it. Allah S.W.T want it to happen then there must be a reason why. It must be because of Allah S.W.T.. This pain today is nothing compared to Heaven that HE already promised to us. Make ourselves busy to look for HIM, and one way to get close to him is keep fighting to stand for the right, the one that your instinctively said it right. 

Killing people, just to expand the land or discover new source for economy does not prove that you are doing the right thing. That is why, you are called human. 

Friendship is measured by the heart