Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Religion Is Actually 'Matter'

     Regardless what religion you belong to today, you have the right to be respected. It is because, respect as a matter of fact is very universal. It does not emphasize any religion on Earth. Each day, religion became a subject to trigger disunity, hatred, cruelty and many more bad things among people. We do know that all religion never teach this things to their adherents, but, how can this still happen?

  Before we come up with our own speculation related to religion, we firstly have to know that there is no religion that teaches their adherents to victimize each other, unless their religion was violated. Apart from that, never underestimate anyone, because who ever they are, they are just like us and what make us different is our faith. We are only human, who need respect and honor. Look through your heart and see what the world has come to. 

Ravello by Night

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